Welcome to NIHGA’s tutorial on how to sign up for a tee time

Sign Up Genius is a free web-based application that you can use on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Because it is free, you will see a lot of ads. Just ignore them. You will receive an email from NIHGA Golf inviting you to sign up for an outing. Just click on the green “Sign Up Now” button. If you have a Sign Up Genius account, you will NOT be able to access the sign up through your account. All invitations will be sent two Sundays before the outing at 8:00 pm and will close at noon on the following Tuesday. Tee times fill up fast, so you should respond quickly if you have a preferred tee time.

The invitation provides information about the outing at the top of the page, followed by all available tee times. The SIGN UP DEADLINE is very important. After this date/time, the tee sheet is sent to the course and you MUST contact the course directly and notify the NIHGA Outing Coordinator to make changes to your tee time. You may be charged if you make changes with less than 24 hours notice.

Click on the green “Sign Up” button for the tee time you want. When you do this, the button changes to “Selected” and a green banner appears at the bottom of the screen with a “Save and Continue” button. Click this button to complete your sign up.  In this demo, I selected the first tee time at 9:00.

If you want to sign others up for the same tee time, change the quantity to the total number of people in your group including yourself.  You may sign up to 4 people in the tee time slot including yourself.  Type the names of the other members in the center block.   If you have a guest type “guest” then their name.  Lastly, type your first and last name and your email addresses in the appropriate blocks. Then click the green “Sign Up Now” button.

You will then get a screen thanking you for signing up. You are now done! The Outing Coordinator will prepare a final tee sheet using the information you provided. 

Sign Up Genius will send you an email acknowledging the tee time you requested.  The confirmation gives you a link to go back and edit your sign up, if needed.  All edits MUST be made before the sign up deadline.

The “Edit my Sign Up” link takes you to a screen that allows you to edit or delete your sign up.  If you need to correct the spelling error or delete/add a name other than yourself, click on “Update my Sign Up”, then type over the information previously entered.  If you need to drop out of the outing or sign up for a different tee time, click “Delete”. Repeat the sign up process to sign up for a new tee time. Note if you delete your sign up, you also delete the sign up for any other players you previously included.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your Team Captain or the Handicapper.

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