Frequently Asked Questions

I used the GHIN app to manually calculate my playing handicap for an upcoming NIHGA outing using my NIHGA handicap index. Why doesn’t the GHIN handicap match my NIHGA handicap posted on the website?2022-05-13T09:50:49-04:00

NIHGA applies a handicap allowance of 95% to your handicap as recommended by USGA for stroke play tournaments with at least 30 players.  The GHIN handicap calculator defaults to a handicap allowance of 100%.  Change the handicap allowance percentage to 95% and if your GHIN handicap still does not match the NIHGA website, contact Denise Droneburg at  for assistance.

My handicap index doesn’t look correct to me. What should I do?2022-03-07T08:10:51-05:00

Contact the handicapper at Denise Droneburg to review and correct (if necessary) the accuracy of your handicap index.

Why is my NIHGA handicap index different from my USGA handicap?2022-03-07T08:19:21-05:00

Both NIHGA and USGA use the World Handicapping System formulas to calculate your handicap index.  The difference is NIHGA averages the best 3 of your last 6 (league only) rounds while USGA averages the best 8 of your last 20 (league or non-league) rounds.

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