Become a Member

Welcome to NIHGA. We are excited you are interested in joining our coed golf league. Here is some helpful information to get you started.

What is the Cost?

Annual Dues $50
Outings $36-$75. Varies with course and age. See our complete schedule for pricing per outing.

How to Join

All new league members are asked to complete an online registration form at the beginning of the season. Returning members only need to fill out the form if their contact info or tee selection changed.

We ask that all new members share their handicap index if you have one. If you do not have one, NIHGA will provide one after two outings. Handicaps are used to create flights during the season. In addition, you will need to select a tee and keep in mind you cannot change your selection during the season.

Once your form has been submitted, a team captain or other representative will be in contact with you to confirm your registration and collect your annual dues of $50. Currently we are not accepting online payments, so a check made out to “NIHGA” and mailed to your Team Captain’s home address is preferred.

Requests to be placed on a specific team within the league will be honored on a space available basis.

Current Team Captains

Team 1 Todd Smith
Team 2 Wes Russell
Team 3 Gus Lambis

Please contact us if you have any questions or difficulty with completing the form online.

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“Do your best, one shot at a time, and then move on.”

Nancy Lopez